Hurray, it's a melon dragon!

In the Dragon Mania Legends app, the players slip into the role of a dragon trainer. The number of fans has been growing for two years. One of the goals is to fight in the fight against Vikings. But this is for children.


Stuttgart - With the family Müller, the dragon fever has broken out. "Is there a new dragon hatched tonight?" The junior wants to know at the breakfast table. "Yes, but it was just a lava dragon, I immediately sold it again," I say. Luke and his brother Jonathan nods sympathetically with my head, while my wife shakes this amazed. "Have you already fed the metal dragon?" Jonathan asks. "It does not work. We need to grow food again. " dragon mania legends cheats tool


Since we have entered the kite-breeding, we have already hatched numerous kites. 23 copies live on our island Dragonlandia. Slowly it gets tight. Who now believes that it is only about fire-breathing beings is wrong. To the colorful band belong wind and water kites, as well as plant kites, which shoot in the fight with Ivy. The melon dragon, which is somewhat muddy and reminds of a honey-melon, as well as the spy-doodle, the tie and sunglasses, are particularly popular. A new dragon slips out of the egg, patience is required. The spy droid has left more than a day for this. When the offspring is first there, the real work begins only right. The dragons must be fed to become large and strong. They look forward to strokes
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